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Retro Maintenance has been providing the finest floor care and comprehensive maintenance programs to keep your floors looking new and at their very best throughout Manhattan, NewYork and the Tri-State area. We focus on keeping your floors clean throughout your home, office and retail space.  A clean floor will not only look better but will l;ast longer, protecting your investment.  Call us today for an estimate and use our 10% off coupon for 2013 for your floor cleaning, refinishing and maintenance needs.

Professional Floor Cleaning in NYC

There are many advantages to keeping up with a floor cleaning maintenance program that we will design to meet your needs including the look and the longevity of the floor.  Here at Retro Maintenance our floor cleaning team is one of the finest and they are dedicated to making sure that the floor is cleaned to the best possible standards and to your satisfaction.

Consider Floor Maintenance

When a floor is not cleaned and people walk on it, then whatever material it is made of, the floor will start to receive scratches and will wear faster from the debris that is on the floor. Keeping your floors cleaned and maintained will save you money.

Refinishing floors is a big expense, however when you have the proper maintenance program you should never have to refinish your floor again. For example over the years We  have spoken with many customers that have had their wood floors refinished. The company that they hired to do the job told them that with the urethane finish they would and should never need any maintenance done to the floor. This is false and misleading! Most likely they are looking to come back and charge big money to refinish the floor again. We eliminate this situation in a very cost effective manner by offering a very detailed floor maintenance and floor cleaning program that will keep your investment looking better while wearing longer.

Check out our 2013 coupons and let us prove why we are significantly the best office cleaning company in New York

Stone Floors, Terrazzo Floors, Concrete

Natural Stone floors are just as vulnerable to scratching and premature wear when they are dirty. Marble, terrazzo, granite and other types of stone flooring are long lasting materials as long as they are maintained properly. We also have a superb maintenance program for all types of stone materials.

Executive Office Cleaning

Your retail store will shine, your office will be brighter and your home will be a happier place. Just give us a call and we can make an appointment to visit your workplace, office or home to discuss all the possibilities and floor cleaning programs available to you for maintaining a perfect environment.

Floor Cleaning in NY, NJ, CT and LI

We can work with the smallest business to the biggest corporation amd offer complete office and retail cleaning services, capable of dealing with any type of office setup and our industrial and office cleaning can be carried out at any time during the day or night. Our cleaning staff have hands-on experience ensuring a premium amd meticulous office clean with attention to detail delivering quality service.

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